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"Please note that the reviews listed below are 100% real reviews posted by customers who have used Lanomax® and we have not changed any spelling."

By Lanomax Customer Service Center

"My miniature pinscher at age 11 began developing cataracts. It started in one eye, and then the other eye began appearing cloudy. As soon as Lanomax was available when she was 12, we tried it. (Before, we tried Can-C drops.) After one week using the drops, my dog responded to light more and had more energy. The drops work for cataracts that are closer to the cornea. Judging by how quickly the first eye became clouded, Lanomax certainly prevented the second eye from blinding, at least for a while. We may have started too late. The best part of Lanomax is the customer service. When I had questions, someone responded within a day and took the time to explain. Sadly, we started the drops too late, and my dog's cataracts developed too thick for the serum to reach behind the lens. It's important to use it early when the clouding first appears. It might seem like a pain to give drops every day. Well, my dog has had surgery since, and we still have to give her drops every day. And then there are complications from post-surgery drops. Now she has calcium deposits on the cornea from using Flurbiprofen daily, which means more drops more times a day. Vet ophthalmology has not caught up to human eye care. Be religious with Lanomax and save your dog from sad blind days."

By Kiai Kim on Mar 9, 2021

"I felt significant results from the very first drops. I am a borderline 7 diopter lens prescription glasses wearer. In the Army, Combat Engineer Training exposed me to about 1,000 High Energy Improvised Explosive Devices (about 1/4 stick TNT, dynamite, or nitro glycerin) at 180 dB and 400,000 163 dB M-16 A-1’s both without ear-plugs or vision goggle protection. This resulted in 90 dB tinnitus 24/7 for 39 years and counting, and double vision (with neurological complications.) My vision is my life and freedom. I do about $2,000 in eye supplements every month and now with Lanomax. My eyes are now getting brighter drop by drop without permanent cataract surgery. Thanks Lanomax!"

By Philip's Bailey on Dec 1, 2020

"We started our dog on Lanomax and after 2-3 weeks we noticed that she was beginning to react to sunlight by blinking more frequently. As she was also deaf, we noticed that when lying on her blanket in sight of the front door, she would lift her head to look in our direction when coming inside which lead me to believe she was beginning to see something. Unfortunately shortly after that she passed away and we were never able to find out the full effect that Lanomax would have had on her."

By Tom Shafer on Nov 7, 2020

"Works fantastic for my dog. Eyes have cleared up amazingly well. Great product for cataracts! Five stars out of five!"

By Dr. Scott Treadway on Oct 1, 2020

"Dear Benjamin, I wanted you to know, that due to your efforts, I received the package today. You guys are an awesome company! Thank you for your EXCELLENT Customer Service. Please give accept my my best for you and your customer service staff. Also, I have been using your product (from our previous order) for our dog with very good results and I am very happy to now have our second order arrival so I can continue the progress. Some companies just don't care about customer service, but your company is just the opposite. I should complement you again for wonderful customer service which engenders loyalty and a sense of enhanced appreciation of your fine product. Thank you again and I will tell my friends about your great company and, of course, about Lanomax which is a great product!"

By Dr. Scott Treadway on Sep 30, 2020

"Lanomax is not the only cataract eye drop I have used on my dogs, which developed cataract about a year ago. Their condition is not very serious but still noticeable. I have tried a few brands which I found on Amazon but none works as good as Lanomax. I cannot say their condition has completely healed but has definitely improved. I would continue to use it and would recommend it to all my friends."

By Angela Law on Sep 23, 2020

"My dog, shar pei named Milenija, was diagnosed with cataract in her 8th year of life. Veterinarian recommended Lanomax drops and i managed to get them almost a year later and it is important to understand that her contidition with eyes at the time was getting really bad. After just one package, and consistent use her eyes got significantly better, they were more clear and cataract progress was slowed down. It was very obvious that her sight was really better, she could see us. Due to corona-virus outbreak i could not get another dose of drops but effects of previous one were seen for couple of months after. Unfortunately we lost her recently due to fast growing cancer in her lungs and liver. Hopefully my future dogs wont't be needing Lanomax drops but if they do i will treat them with this product and i definetely recommend Lanomax drops to everyone with matching problems."

By Ljiljana Djukic on Aug 26, 2020

"This is a review l posted for your wonderful eye drops. Thank you. Sadie is a bit over 8 years old and was losing her eye sight. She was bumping into doors and walls and even fell inside the pool the other day. We had to put a slip lead on her in the yard to keep her from hurting herself. We bought 4 bottles of Lanomax eye drops to help her. They are $100 USD plus shipping and tax per bottle. We have been giving 2-3 drops per eyes, 3-4 times a day. After finished using 2 bottles, she can now walk around, and even play with the other dogs, without bumping into things. Hopefully, she will be back to being her old self when the treatment is over."

By Richard Chan on July 26, 2020

"Thanks for your message of concern for Mimi, my little Poodle who is blind and deaf. Yes, the Lanomax is slowly doing its job. She started on it June 8th. We are on her 7th week and 3rd 10ml bottle. Before Lanomax, she was soooooo depressed and I had to carry her around everywhere. Wherever I put her down, that's where she stayed, head hanging. Never moved. It was horrible. Within 2-3 days of taking Lanomax, her head was up and she was looking around or trying to see. Now, she maneuvers around the house if lights are on, still bumps into a few things (especially white objects like refrigerator, stove, etc.) but she is mobile. And so much happier. The other day, I caught her flipping a mini Milkbone in the air and doing 360's in the kitchen playing like she used to play. She cannot do stairs yet and we have a 2 story house. I intend to continue the Lanomax for as long as is necessary until she is able to go outside on her own (3 steps down) to go potty. I don't want to have to take her outside several times a day in the cold Ohio winters. Lanomax is truly a miracle and an answer to my prayers for this poor little rescue dog who had literally given up on life. I referred a friend with a blind rescue dog and Cliff is beginning to see also. It's only been a week for him since he started treatment. His mama is over the moon happy with his progress."

By Cinda Godfrey on July 23, 2020

"Opel is a Maltese dog, 13 years old this year, is a healthy and lively dog. I found that Opel's right eye may have cataract in about October 2019, so I went to the doctor in November to confirm the cataract. The doctor recommended to go to a professional animal eye hospital for treatment. In December, I took Opel to the animal eye hospital in Taipei for examination. This is In one of the most professional animal eye hospitals in Taiwan, the doctor said that Opel's right eye cataract is mature, the right eye's vision is no longer visible, and the left eye already has an early cataract. The doctor recommends the use of anti-inflammatory eye drops in the right eye to prevent optic nerve necrosis caused by high intraocular pressure in the future. The use of (Bright Eyes eye drops) in the left eye delays the cataract maturation. In March 2020, I found that Opel could n't see it anymore. He was no longer yelp at the postman outdoors. He did n't dare to jump out of bed at home or jump into bed. Opel's personality became very melancholic. I found Lanosterol research on cataract treatment on the Internet. I think Lanosterol is the only hope for Opel to restore eyesight and find the Lanomax website, so I bought 4 bottles to try. It has been 21 days since Lanosterol was used. The right eye of Opel was treated first and just one bottle was used up. Opel's cataract in his right eye did not seem to improve, but his vision improved slowly. Now he dares to jump into bed and occasionally yelp at the postman. I think Lanosterol is effective. Only 21 days have such an effect. I hope Opel's cataract can be cured. Next he treated his left eye."

By 陳鏗伊 on May 24, 2020

"Hi Benjamin, There is no issue with the eye drop. First when you apply the eye drop, the eye become little blurry, but later during the day the eye clear. I see better. I think the eye drop is working for me. When the FDA approve it for human use, the formula will not change. Many people are using it now, and it makes their eyes clear."

By Tony Nader on Feb 22, 2020

"Hello, I hope you're having a great day, I have been treating cataracts on my dog's both eyes with Lanomax Eye Drops for 2 months. The doctor said that it is dissolving and getting more transparent, which is great! I bought 4 bottles last time, 2 for my dog and 2 for a friend's dog."

By Niusha Eslami on Dec 2, 2019

"I ordered your lanomax for my 4 yr. Old Chihuahua with mature cataracts. Through Dr. Vitamins. In Texas. They are working!!!!!! Do not let the government stop you all from making these drops. They Work. And the Veterinarians can't make money using drops. But we was not putting our dog through that bad surgery. So keep this product coming. In January we will take our dog for an ophthalmologist check up. So she can see for her self. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

By Glenda Clem on Nov 17, 2019

"Thank you - we have have great results with our dog's eyes!"

By Rosemarie Elliott on Sep 22, 2019

"Hello Steve, I guess you remember me … BIG GOOD NEWS: I have now finally tried the Lanomax eyedrops for myself and I can say: so far all OK and I feel like the eyedrops did work – at least a small step forward …"

By Jürgen Halt on Sep 9, 2019

"Steve, Thank you!. I will definitely keep you all updated. I am so happy this product has changed my life literally. I was very frightened over the double vision and the possibility of an operation to open the ducts. Even though it is a common in quotation marks, procedure I needed to see what else was available, Keep up the good work!"

By Denise Zajkowski on May 27, 2019

"Restasis was prescribed. Never used it. My vision has improved and my eye pressure is back to normal Message: I was told that I had dry eye. It had been going on for a while. I was seeing double out of one eye and my vision was definitely changing. Everything was slightly blurry at a distance. I went to my ophthalmologist ,( whom I trust completely). She tested my vision and it had changed. She was also concerned that my eye pressure was elevated. It needed to be monitored for glaucoma. She stated I definitely would need to have surgery in the future for cataracts. She prescribed Restasis for the dry eye and possible operation for the ducts if it did not work. I am legally blind in one eye and was very concerned about her report. I decided to research what else I would be able to use instead of the medication for dry eye and the other conditions she mentioned. I did purchase the Restasis but to tell you the Truth I did not use it. Instead I opted to try the Lanomax product. I began using it April 22, 2019. 3 drops per eye two - three times a day. I noticed it stung a little. However, grit in my eye began to subside. I felt relief within the first few days. Withing 8 to 10 days the blurry vision and double vision I experienced at times also disappeared. On May 20,2019 I went for a follow up. My eye pressure is within normal range, My vision improved. She was surprised. The cataract is still there but it has only been a month. I will see her again in September. I will let you know what she says. If it has stayed the same I can live with that. Also the driving at night has improved. I still see a starburst around the headlights but it has diminished so much it does not cause me issues.. Side note. My doctor asked me if I used the Restasis. I told her no. I shared with her the information on Lanomax. She is very open and stated she would look into it. She recognizes if our medicine works on animals why would this supplement work on humans. Great product. What a blessing. Denise."

By Denise Zajkowski on May 23, 2019

"Hi Steve, This week we're noticing continued shrinking of the cataract in Quinn's right eye. Also, if you enlarge this photo, you can see what I described last week in terms of the changes in opaqueness in the right cataract versus the left. Onwards to week six! ~Annie"

By Annie DiVello on Oct 15, 2018

"Hi Steve! We’re noticing a small but definite reduction in the size of the cataract in Quincy’s right (treated) eye. We’re also noticing the outer most edges of the cataract in his right eye are beginning to look less opaque than the left cataract. Quincy is bumping into less things, suggesting better vision. He is also beginning to tolerate the drops with a little less fuss ~Annie"

By Annie DiVello on Oct 8, 2018

"Hello My name is Geertje de Mos. I live in Holland and I want to tell you about my dog Max: 18 Years ago I went to Tarifa, a little town in the south of Spain. I went there to surf at the sea. When I got there, I found a very cute, 4 weeks old, puppy. I stayed in Spain for a month, and after that month I took the little puppy home, and called Max. Max and I have been together ever since. So now, this puppy is an old dog, and I stil love him very much. But getting old, brings Some trubbles. Max has kidneyproblems and has medicins for that. He also has special food, because of his kidney problems. His hips are getting old, so he gets a little painkiller for that every Day. About 6 years ago, I noticed Max eyes were getting worse. The vet told me Max had cataract and nothing could be done about it because he was to old to be under generale anesthetic. Last year it got so bad; Max was practically blind. He got very insecure because of that, and he die not want to go out anymore. Luckily; I found Lanomax! After only onze bottle of Lanomax, Max view got already so much better! And now, after 4 bottles,he is going out in the forest with me again and he is not bumping his head at things anymore! Now I have a question for you, and I hope you will answer honestly: Do you think using more ( than the 4 he has already used) will make his sight better? Or is this the best he can have, because he is so old? And I wonder if you have Some sort of special discount for very old dogs that have already bought 4 bottles of your product? I hope to hear from you soon, Greetings from Geertje en Max."

By Geertje de Mos on June 12, 2018

"Dear Lanomax, I would like to order Lanomax eye drops for my small dog. I have already ordered this product from the Amazon, but unfortunately it is no longer available. I would be interested when it becomes available on the site/or where can I buy this item. When we used that eye drops, my dog's eyes was much better, so it would be important for my family and me to get this product. Thank you for your help, Alexandra Balázsi (from Hungary)"

By Alexandra Balázsi on June 5, 2018

"thank you! FYI, I've been using it on my 12 yr old Bichon (right eye only) for about 4 months. He had fast onset of cataracts fulling engulfing both eyes about six months ago. He was totally blind. After 4 months of treatment, it appears that he's experiencing slight peripheral vision. He gets along without a leash in familiar areas. He was at the vet today who knows about this treatment. She noticed slight light sensitivity and says the cataract is crystallized as compared to the other side. We don't know if the cataract formed this way, but if not, it may be slowly breaking apart. Hard to see a difference in photos. I'll keep you posted."

By Dale Weiss on May 16, 2018

"Hello, Great news!!! Thanks a lot for your attention and helpfulness! I'm loving the product, I already can see improvement in my dogs's view. Best regards,"

By Bruna Manetta Mattos on May 2, 2018

"Hi Dear Ashley, Thank you very much!!! Pablo is getting better improving his vision each day. He is a 15-year-old Lhasa Apso suffering for chronic kidney disease and he was almost blind. How to thank you, all the Lanomax staff and the researches to achive an huge miracle like that? It is all awesome!!! You all have my heart and respect forever. Thank you all very much. Please, when it is possible, let me know the UPS order number. Have a beautiful and nice day. Kind regards,"

By Leila Pontes on April 18, 2018

"Greetings Ashley, OK thanks - I have enough for about 4 days - This item seems to be working as my pup has picked up - watching TV and sits and watches the street - he has not done this in a long time now - just thought he was getting old until Vet told me he had onset cataracts - Thanks so much for allowing this to the public - here in Canada, the vets do not believe that anything but surgery works Cheers,"

By Les Smith on April 12, 2018

"Merci beaucoup. Mon chat qui a la cataracte et qui a 18 ans. Grâce à Lanomax sa cataracte s'est stabilisée. Au bout de combien de temps sa vue peut s'améliorer et qu'il pourra mieux voir. Merci pour votre réponse.

[Google Translate: Thank you very much. My cat has cataracts and is 18 years old. Thanks to Lanomax her cataract has stabilized. After how long his vision can improve and he can see better. Thank you for your reply.]"

By Jacques Fremont on April 6, 2018

"Hello! Could you please set us as an authorized Lanomax wholesaler? We already had an account but could not log in anymore. We are a veterinary practice with a growing number of satisfied pet owners using lanomax. Thanks a lot! With Kind regards,"

By Nina Engelmann, Res. ACVIM-SAIM on March 13, 2018

"Thanks! My eye is slowly getting better."

By Bart Blickenstaff on March 10, 2018

"I just bought three more bottles of Lanomax. As a result of using Lanomax for four weeks, it seems that there is a change in my eyes. Have a nice day!"

By Seungjin Lee on March 6, 2018

"Habe 4 x 5ml Lanomax für meine 12 Jahre alte Golden Retriever Hündin gekauft, die 50% grauen Star hatte. nach 2 Flaschen 3 x täglich 1 Tropfen hatte sie nur noch 10 %. Nach weiteren 2 Flaschen war der graue Star verschwunden. Ein wahres Wundermittel man müßte Lanomax in Europa (Österreich ) bewerben, da einige Tierärzte die ich ansprach das Medikament nicht kennen, schade es würde vielen Tieren helfen Liebe Grüße aus Österreich Traudlinde Müller

[Google Translate: I bought 4 x 5ml Lanomax for my 12 year old Golden Retriever female who had 50% cataract. after 2 bottles 3 times daily 1 drop she had only 10%. After another 2 bottles the cataract had disappeared. A true miracle cure one would have to advertise Lanomax in Europe (Austria), since some veterinarians whom I spoke to do not know the medicine, it would be a pity it would help many animals Greetings from Austria Traudlinde Müller]"

By Traudlinde Müller on February 19, 2018

"Good evening, I bought one Lanomax at the last 30th, and i didn’t receive the tracking number yet. I would like to know if the medicine was shipped, please. My case urgent! My dog has been treated for months with Lanomax, and he improved a lot! So i can’t stop the treatment and the boodle i have at home is coming to an end! Please, i’m anxiously waiting for a return. Best regards,"

By Maria Rossi on February 2, 2018

"I tried to reorder order number 010142372-122017 on line for Barbara Killar and the order failed. The message said to contact you. The vet said there seems to be some improvement. in our Bichon Freise but we ran out of the first bottle. Thanks for your help. Larry Notaro"

By Barbara Killar on January 25, 2018

"Hallo, I have been treating a cataract on my dog’s eye with Lanomax Eye Drops for more than 2 months. The doctor thinks that it is getting more transparent, which is good. The question is: how long can I continue the treatment?"

By Ecatherina Dimitrova on January 24, 2018

"Hi Angela, I am about to order my third bottle of Lanomax and am hoping you will consider extending me the discounted price that you gave me for the last bottle.. I see improvement in my dog’s eyes immature cataracts, but have a feeling this is going to be an ongoing long term therapy, that will only end when my 14 year old (though extremely healthy) brussels griffon dies. (I did make the mistake of purchasing Dr. Prescott’s on Amazon before reading your letter explaining how imitator’s product’s will not work…And you were right, their product was total waste of money. I believe I made comments to that effect when reviewing your product on Amazon. My dog is a certified therapy dog and I am “tuned in” to a number of committed therapy dog owners who consider me very knowledgeable about all things dogs… I spread the word about my success to my vet as well as my niece who is about to graduate from Vet School in Scotland this June. My explanation even includes explaining the sham therapy that competitor Dr. Prescott’s Lanosterol is. (For whatever it’s worth, Dr. Prescott’s uses a better, easier to administer, dropper bottle that significantly reduces waste…something that Lanomax should consider changing to.) In fact, just yesterday I told a refrigerator repairman who owns 3 dogs about the product…He took a pic of it sitting in the frig. The net effect is that your product is getting a lot of excellent free PR. Moreover, if you wanted to use me as a participant in focus group or survey questioning for product marketing improvements, I’d be happy to assist. All in all, I’m hoping that the above factors would make a case for giving me, someone who will be a long term user of your product, a continued discount on the pricing going forward. Thank you once again for your consideration of my request."

By Jack Silberman on January 20, 2018

"I am going to arrange an eye appointment very soon now. the doctor who first diagnosed my cataracts retired over 2 years ago, and now captains a deep sea fishing boat. But I will call the office and see if they still have his records of my visit. The optometrist I saw last time did not give me as good an Rx as I had previously. I will get his records and tell him what Lanomax did for me. I have my Rx from him. The only problem with it was that the add for presbyopia was only .5 more than the 3 year old Rx I had before his. I will be seeing a new optometrist for this next Rx. For my purposes Optometrists have seemed sufficient. They have equipment to visualize inside of the eye. I have already told several optometrists about your product, and have received very smug replies that nothing can dissolve a cataract. They do seem really surprised when I tell them that I have returned to being able to drive even at night and in the rain, with no problems with glare. The world needs this product."

By Christine W. Shoffner on January 18, 2018

"Hi there, My name is Lester Kwok, marketing manager of RA Healing Centre. Our company is the first and only canine physiotherapy centre here in Singapore and within our centre, we represent many different holistic brands of supplements. We have recently introduced CanC eye drops to our clients but the results was not satisfying. We bought a couple of Lanomax and used it on our own dogs and we were astonished with the results. Our centre and facebook has many people following what we recommend and we would LOVE to introduce Lanomax to Singapore pet owners. We were wondering if there is a dealership or wholesale program for Lanomax."

By Lester Kwok on January 17, 2018

"I used Lanomax on both my own eyes. One cataract was diagnosed 5 years prior to my using your product, and the other diagnosed 3 and one half years prior to using your product. As you would know if your plowed through my long review, I had astonishing results, and stopped with one bottle since it seemed my cataracts might be completely gone. I still enjoy all the benefits, and no bad side effects, of trying Lanomax. I have decided to use another bottle though, just to make sure no cataract remains. Meanwhile, I have driven home at night and in unpleasant weather on several occasions, for which I thank you each time. What can I do to help you? I am all in favor of your success. I only wish I had had this product 6 years ago when a favorite hilarious goat went blind from cataracts. One unexpected side effect of Lanomax was a profound improvement in presbyopia, a condition I had years before I was diagnosed with cataract. Presbyopia started around the age of 46. Please let me know if it is any benefit to you to get records of my cataract diagnosis. My testimony about using your product is already in the public domain. You can use it all or in part if that helps your FDA approval down the line. I believe your clinical trials on humans are going to be a huge success."

By Christine W. Shoffner on January 15, 2018

"Hello, I am a veterinarian from Germany and we have good results with lanomax. Is there any possibility to get other prices for lanomax than "normal" customers? We will order in larger numbers and regularly. Thanks for your time and we are looking forward to your answer :-) Kind regards, Nina Engelmann DMV, Res.ACVIM-CA"

By Nina Engelmann on January 11, 2018

"Your product is very good I am using for my left eye moderate cataract. I feel the change in after one week of using it. I feel confident while driving or other activity. Thanks very much god bless you."

By Gaganpal Brar on January 7, 2018

"My current condition is that I continue to walk in the exact same benefits I had when I wrote my review. I have had no side effects; only daily, conscious gratitude for the freedom given me by your product. I tell everyone about it, and ask God to bless your company. Let me know in the unlikely event I ever need to lobby the FDA for approval of your product for human use. I know your human trials will bear out the truth of my review. My cataracts were not yet opaque like more developed ones, and dissolved faster. That is all. Thank you."

By Christine W. Shoffner on January 6, 2018

"The Order of 15.12.2017 I have not received and cancel them, the tracking Nr. LZ66818898US refers to the order v. 10.11.2017 of 2 x 5ml Lanomax which I also received. Da the gray Star of my retrieverhündin bich reduced to 80% would like to order 1 x 5ml Lanomax. My Veterinarian is enthusiastic about Lanomax and will contact you."

By Traudlinde Müller on January 5, 2018

"Hi, My dog ​​had 1 incipient cataract in the right eye and 1 almost mature cataract in the left eye. When we started with the treatment of Lanomax drops, the 2 cataracts practically dissolved, but we had only bought a bottle of drops, and when I placed the order to buy more cans, it took so long to arrive that my dog ​​was 1 month without the drops, and the cataract of the left eye became stronger, and after a month putting the drops twice a day, morning and night, 2 drops each time, we do not know what to do or improve so that the cataract of the left eye dissolves completely. In total it was 1 month with drops, 1 month without drops waiting to arrive and 1 month and a half again with Lanomax drops. Are the cataract going to leave once or have we to continue using Lanomax drops for my dog life? Thank u very much."

By Carmen Garcia on December 19, 2017

"Is ok, Was today at my veterinarian with my Golden Retriever Dog who has one significant improvement after 3 weeks of giving Lanomax will give 9 weeks Liebe Grüße."

By Traudlinde Müller on December 13, 2017

"Hi Angela, We are committed to improving Teddy Bears eyesight and we feel, with Lanomax, we have already seen some improvement and improved his quality of life. The attached photos taken from an IPhone do not accurately show the obvious cataracts that were very cloudy and dense, the first two taken before we started Lanomax treatment. The last four photos were taken just the other day. You may be able to see the difference in the right eye compared to the left. The left was probably worst to start with and still appears to be a greenish, cloudy color compared to the right. Our plan is to try to clear his right eye more using this current bottle of Lanomax, and then try working on the left again. Hope our information helps any research and other pets and pet owners. Best wishes,"

By Patty and Al Knight on December 10, 2017

"Hi! Thanks so much for giving SKY the extra bottle of Lanomax. After only a couple doses back on it I can see slight improvement in her vision. I'll gladly write up a detailed description and forward to you for use on your website. Thanks again for getting Lanomax out to her as soon as possible."

By Marsha Borovich and Therapy Dog SKY on December 8, 2017

"Hi! I hope all is well with you. The second bottle of Lanomax came today. The vet ok'd SKY continuing to use it so I'd like to keep it and pay for it. Can I pay for it with Amazon Pay by ordering it again and you'll know I already have it? Thanks again for resending it! The Lanomax truly makes a difference in SKY 's vision."

By Marsha Borovich on December 5, 2017

"FYI we started using the new bottle of Lanomax on 10/31/17, 2 drops 5 x day on the right eye. Finished after about 2 weeks. Within about two weeks after week completed the treatment we observed: 1) right eye seems to be different then left pupil. a) left pupil still a little greenish in color and not as clear b) right eye very clear by comparison 2) He seems to be looking around the room more, standing or sitting and looking all around, not seeing specific objects but maybe aware of more light. 3) He also started walking around more and coming up from his bed in the basement on his own more often. We plan on ordering another Lanomax when it becomes available and either trying to clear right eye more or trying to clear left eye to support right eye progress, undecided which at this time. Just keeping you updated in case it helps with research or it helps other customers. Thanks again."

By Patty and Al Knight on November 29, 2017

"Many thanks to inform us this vital information. We are pleased to say that the product has indeed helped Teddy who is now turning 14 years. Although his vision is still not a 100% he has become a lot more active and we are very grateful for your product. In India there are no other option besides surgery to treat Cataract and being an aged dog we wouldn’t (neither anyone else) opt for this method of treatment. We are very happy with the use of this product and would recommend to several other pet lovers too. We would have been very disappointed if we had bought a fake product with no results. And ideally we would have just ordered from Amazon. Thank you for keeping us informed and now we not only the correct medication but also know where to buy it from. Our best wishes for your ongoing research and keep up the good work. We are always willing to support you guys and will spread the good word of your product to our friends and family! Best wishes,"

By Suja Kannan on November 10, 2017

"I am using an internet translator, and I ask you to forgive me for any errors in the text. I have a ten-year-old, undefined dog, and he had early symptoms of cataract months ago. I researched possibilities for treatment, and in my country, and especially in my region, are rare. A surgery would bring risks, due to the age of the dog, besides logistic factors. I found information about Lanomax on the internet, and made a first purchase through the manufacturer's website. Later I made two more purchases through Amazon. In short time of use we noticed difference in the brightness of the dog's eyes. The accompanying veterinarian was amazed at the gradual dissolution of the cataract. Thank you very much for the result, because my dog is like a son to me. Regarding Lanomax, I feel that the site should have documented reports of the effect of eye drops, and that responses to e-mail inquiries should be answered more effectively. With these measures, I believe that the credibility of the product would be emphasized and thus the eye drops would be distinguished from other products that are on the market. Greetings."

By José dAngelo Rodrigues on November 10, 2017

" de Argentina y quiero comentarles mi experiencia. Tengo visión en un solo ojo porque el otro ojo lo perdí a raíz de un desprendimiento de retina. Siempre fui muy miope pero pude defenderme varios años con un solo ojo hasta que apareció lo temido...cataratas y ya muy avanzada, en mi único ojo, el que tiene la retina muy debilitada y una cirugía puede provocar mi ceguera total. Después de buscar e informarme decidí comprar Lanomax, pero sólo un frasco, mi situación económica por ahora no me permite adquirir otro, me lo coloque durante 3 semanas y note una muy pequeña mejoría, creo que de poder seguir el tratamiento seguiré recuperando mi visión. Estoy feliz porque tengo una esperanza gracias a Lanomax. Estoy lejos pero me ofrezco para experimentar o en caso de poder comprar otro envase, contar mi experiencia que seguramente será positiva. Gracias!!!

[Google Translate: Hello ... I'm from Argentina and I want to tell you about my experience. I have vision in only one eye because I lost the other eye due to a retinal detachment. I was always very short-sighted but I was able to defend myself for several years with only one eye until the feared thing appeared ... cataracts and already very advanced, in my only eye, the one with very weakened retina and surgery can cause my total blindness. After searching and informing me I decided to buy Lanomax, but only one bottle, my financial situation for now does not allow me to acquire another, I put it for 3 weeks and notice a very small improvement, I think that if I can continue the treatment I will continue to recover my vision. I am happy because I have a hope thanks to Lanomax. I am far away but I offer to experiment or if I can buy another container, tell my experience that will surely be positive. Thank you!!!]"

By Monica Ceballos on November 9, 2017

"My name is Cimen Keskin. i have been using your product on my own eye for more than three months. i am observing a slight improvement. i am giving it time as my cataract was fully ripe with hardened lens. i will continue using the drops untill the cataract clears completely. i cannot go through surgery becouse my other eye was ruined through surgery. your medicine is my only option if i want to have an independent life. Thank you for informing us about the situation with amazon. Yesterday i ordered 4 more vials through your site to my Cyprus address. Can you please not put the exact price on the product? Thank you very much for your support. I wish you good luck with your research. I will let you know about the outcome."

By Cimen Keskin on November 9, 2017

"We ordered your product from Amazon the first time, felt we were having success. The 2nd order from Amazon was a dif. brand, we did not realize this because the price was the same. It is however a lesser concentration of the impt. component and now I am worried that we have done a huge disservice to our precious animal. Please let us know if we should continue using this lesser prod. We are not rich, and we do our best for our animals, and the amt. for eye drops is a lot of money to us. Thanks for any help."

By Gerridina Lean on November 8, 2017

"I have been using it with my yorkshire of thre and a half kilos since March, the cataracts has reduced a little, but not as I had expected, ut at least it hasnt increased and this is wonderful news for he can still see well. He is 14 years old."

By Elisabeth Vinson on November 8, 2017

"Thanks to Lanomax, I used your drops and got results of about 50% with 1 single bottle. But I do not know how much longer I have to continue. Thanks again to you."

By Maev Marchini on November 8, 2017

"Thank you so much. I was afraid Lanomax was no longer being produced because it was so effective. I had astounding results in both my own eyes 3 months ago with just one bottle, and was concerned about doing another bottle because it seemed that my cataracts were all gone. But I want the option. I believe that Lanomax helped more than my cataracts. My lenses act much younger and better able to focus, and presbyopia reduced from add 2.5 to almost nothing. You must do human trials. People need this so that they don't have to let their cataracts get too mature just to get Medicare approval. I tell everyone about what your product did for me."

By Christine W. Shoffner on November 4, 2017

"I found Lanomax to perform to specification. It uncreated Stage 1+ cataracts during 40 days of administration: One drop in each eye about 15 minutes before bedtime. One drop in each eye before retiring. The bottle is kept refrigerated."

By Al Schwartz on October 28, 2017

"Miraculous result!. I started using this product on my 11 yr old diabetic maltese mix who had such thick cataracs she could no longer see, and after only 1 week can not believe the amazing results. Some vision has returned and cloudiness in eyes seem to be dissipating. It may seem pricey but the results are priceless. I will continue to use this product as needed."

By EmmaBud2 on October 7, 2017

"That would be fabulous!!!! This is the second order I place and so far my dog has experienced great results!!"

By Mirella on September 29, 2017

"It is definitely helping to dissolve the cataracts in my three elderly dogs ages 15 to 17 1/2 yrs old. I am still using the product until they are completely clear of the.cataracts, and their visions are definitely improving."

By Denise Weber on September 9, 2017

"We cannot thank you enough for your generosity and instructions. Our 18-year-old Teddy Bear is loved beyond words; we so want the best life for him. Thank you again."

By Patty and Al Knight on September 8, 2017

"We still have confidence in the Lanomax product. We feel that there was less cloudiness after several vials of treatment over a couple of months starting with minimal doses and eventually increasing to the recommended doses. We are also seeing the pupil contract when in light and our cat turn his head and close his eyes when a flashlight is shined into his eyes. He even started to interact more with us."

By Patty and Al Knight on September 7, 2017

"What a wonderful product. We have a 13 year old "Tibby" that has been deft since she was 8 years which is about the same time she started to developed cataracts. At age 13 she was basically blind. She would walk off curbs, fall down steps get into corners and just cry mercilessly, not a good quality of life for the dog or our nerves. We tried the Lanomax and what a change! One drop, each eye, three times a day and a bottle lasts approx. 3-4 weeks depending upon if you actually get the drop in the eye and do not need to do it twice. Large amount of discharge from the eyes for the first two weeks, then it settles out. We could tell by the 5'th week the dog could see better as it did not want the drops in its eyes. We stopped after 2 bottles and are very happy with the results. The dog is not completely cured of the cataracts but can see much, much, much better. Its running around doing all the dog stuff it could not do before, no more excessive crying, even barks at the mail man when he walks across the street. Cannot be happier with the product, very thankful, we tell everyone with an older dog about it."

By Bub on September 6, 2017

"We have been using lanomax for awhile with the recommended amounts and believe the eyes are much clearer and he responds to light with the pupils getting smaller and if shined directly in the eyes he immediately closes his eyes. However, he still bumps into things and can't seem to detect movement. This may be some age related loss of vision over and above the cataracts, we just want to be sure we have given every effort to completely remove and dissolve the cataracts. Thanks."

By Patty and Al Knight on September 4, 2017

"It's taken a few bottles, but it has definitely thinned my dogs cataracts. I stopped using these for awhile, because I wasn't able to order them on Amazon, and her cataracts continued to develop. Once I started using them again, they thinned again. They definitely do work, but not quickly for my dog."

By Tate Jennings on August 28, 2017

"Há uns meses, um amigo trouxe um vidro de colírio lanomax lanosterol. Usei por 22 dias em meu cão, um poodle de tamanho médio, já com 16 anos. Considero que houve melhora. Em suas vistas. Gostaria de adquirir um outro vidro, mas estou com dificuldade de proceder a compra pela internet. Voces poderiam me ajudar?

[Google Translate: A few months ago, a friend brought a glass of lanomax lanosterol eye drops. I used it for 22 days on my dog, a medium-sized poodle, already 16 years old. I think there has been improvement. In your sights. I would like to buy another glass, but I'm having a hard time buying it online. Could you help me?]"

By Kleber Pereira Dos Santos on August 25, 2017

"Using this as an alternative to cataract surgery for one of my pups!"

By Cynthia Harkness on August 24, 2017

"It will clear the cataracts but must continue to use it to maintain the gain. Not a cure but a good option for per that is too old to go thru surgery.."

By carol fox on August 22, 2017

"We are using Lanomax for 3 weeks in my dog and we could not see a big progress. I believe that Lanomax is good, however it is working slowly in both eyes. We have a lot of hope that Lanomax will be usefully in 4 weeks more. We are buying another one. I will give more detais as soon as possible. Thanks Ricardo Calil"

By Ricardo on August 21, 2017

“I purposely delayed my review until I had been finished with my bottle for about a week, just to see if my life changing and spectacular results seemed to diminish after I finished the first bottle. They have not. I am 65 years old, quite nearsighted, with moderate astigmatism in one eye and presbyopia. My Progressive lenses needed an add of 2.5 in each eye. My left eye had an approximately 5 year old cataract that was first seen as a tiny seed. 2 years later my right eye also developed a cataract. They were not cloudy and I never could see the cataracts, but I was starting to have significant glare issues if the sun hit my eyes just right, or in a heavy afternoon thunderstorm that would cause increased glare from the water on my windshield. I had already been avoiding the interstate at night since I was first diagnosed. I was also trying to avoid rainstorms and definitely avoiding dark nights. Even with all these issues I am sure my cataracts would have been considered very mild. I would no doubt have had years of progressive loss of vision before Medicare would have considered my cataracts to be "ripened;" bad enough for them to pay for the surgery. Right before I started this product I had become aware of depth perception problems and was also having more challenges seeing normal household things in low light such as from a cloudy day.. The day before I started the product I was having a little trouble reading Firefox at 110% font size. The print seemed a bit pale, so even my internet was threatened. I found this product by googling "eye drops that dissolve cataracts." I was hoping there was research going on about this as one of my eyes had had an event that would increase the possibility of retinal detachment. I didn't even want cataract surgery. These are my results 5-6 days after finishing my first bottle. I woke up on day 8 with an awareness that, despite my prescription, I could really see. Colors were incredibly vibrant like they used to get when I would eat my mother's Zinnias for their antioxidants. My visual acuity was so improved that I could leave off my glasses if I was just walking around outside. My depth perception seemed perfectly normal. Going up and down stairs was no longer feeling a bit weird and unsteady. I used my drops and went to my notebook. On day 8 reduced the font size to 67% and could see everything crystal clear. In fact, I could read most things at 50%. This was impossible. I put on my old, scratched glasses I use for some outdoor work, and could still see the computer fine. After day 8 I just continued to improve. I have felt like the lenses of my eyes were young and flexible again. My ability to focus quickly at all distances feels youthful. I even put on a pair of old glasses that did not have Progressive lenses. I could still read fine, and estimate that I now need an add of about .25% instead of 2.50. I am very thankful for thrilled with this product. I tell everybody about it. No doubt I got results so fast because my cataracts were not that far progresses. So I hope those reviewers who felt like this did not help their pet will invest in 3 bottles or so before they decide it is hopeless. I had planned on doing 2 bottles. I won't know if I have any cataract left until I see an eye doctor. I do know glare is gone. Yesterday I drove in a rainstorm and noticed that headlights just looked like headlights-no glare. My low light vision is so improved I can see to mow the grass much later in the day than before. Right now I am just trying to decide whether to do a 2nd bottle to make sure all cataract is gone, or wait for an eye appointment. I do know this is a revolutionary product that could change outcomes for man and beast. Years ago, my mother had a terrible accident just 4 miles from home on a near empty country road. She was greatly restricting her driving because of cataracts. But they were not yet bad enough that she felt unsafe to drive. Apparently the late afternoon sun caught her just right, and she just could not see. She totaled wonderful car and had to have surgery for a compound fracture of her femur. It took her six months to heal. Mom was having to wait until Medicare thought she was blind enough that they would pay for her cataract operation. If she had had the option of buying a couple of bottles of these drops and NOT waiting for the cataract to get severe she would have jumped at the chance. Great product!!!”

By Christine W. Shoffner on August 14, 2017

"Instructions say 6 weeks, 2-3 drops per day per eye for results. After 4 weeks, I can see improvement in my dog's eyes. You can barely see the cataracts now. Even the vet noticed."

By Rowdy Boyon August 8, 2017

"Treatment ongoing for a few months now on 18 year old male cat with cataracts. Started with less than recommend dose for awhile to insure no infection, etc. Gradually worked up to full recommendation. Had obvious cataracts and vet concurred. Started spending all his time in bed in the basement, would only get up to go to the bathroom and for food and water. After several weeks he started coming up on his own and wandering around the house, but he is still bumping into things. His eyes appear to be much less cloudy than when he was first diagnosed . We believe he is possibly seeing some light and he has an immediate reaction to a bright flashlight shined directly into his eyes, blinking his eyes shut and pupils constrict. We are continuing treatment. He is too old for cataract surgery, so we are hopeful that there is a steady progression to vision. Time will tell."

By pattie on August 8, 2017

"First: Make sure your product is legit. Call the manufacturer - Read the labels.

One problem with the product - Availability - It seems that they have issues coping with demand.

Another problem: inconsistent reviews made by people that are just too quick to comment or didn't do things properly.

Our personal experience:
Our beloved Samoyed developed congenital cataracts on both eyes at 1 year and 3 months old. They came very suddenly. In about 1 week he had his left eye almost 100% covered and 25% on the right eye as was later confirmed by a local eye Dr. specialist.

They wanted to operate immediately. We said we will think about it and we started him on Ocuglo right away. Two weeks later we also began giving him the Lanosterol drops. 45 days went by and he showed no improvement but we kept giving him the Ocuglo and the drops.

After almost 3 lanosterol bottles we stop BOTH because his labs came out with abnormal hepatic function. Then something amazing happened after 2 weeks with no meds, the cataract on the left eye started to fade away rapidly.

We didn't know if it was the Ocuglo or the Lanomax the one that was working or may be the combination of both. At the same time, we couldn't give him any meds waiting for the follow-up labs. Follow up labs came out CLEAR, so we continue the Lanomax and stopped the Ocugllo since It was very unlikely that the drops would cause any hepatic anomaly.

Today our Samoyed is almost free of Cataracs as has been confirmed by another eye specialist that couldn't believe the results.

Bottom line: IT WORKS! But the product needs time to do its job and it may not work for serious cases where the lens has hardened beyond a certain level. Also, many other factors may also play a negative role.

FOR ALL OF YOU COMPLAINING ABOUT THE PRICE: This is an experimental drug. The more people buy it the faster the price is going to go down. We have invested more than $500 on this product and we will keep investing on it because putting our baby through a dangerous operation with no guarantees and lengthy recuperation it is not an option for us.

We can send anyone the initial report and the last check up results. Our dog is real life proof that the product works at least for some cataracts. Don't give up too soon, your dog is worth it."

By A Customer on August 7, 2017

"This product has improved my dog's eyesight by helping to dissolve her cataracts. I've bought two bottles."

By mar-mar on July 31, 2017

"Product arrived soon enough. I have been knocking on doors to tell my neighbors about this game changing product that I have used now for less than two weeks. And I do thank the seller for providing this product. I had to fight back tears of joy starting the morning of about day 8. Highly recommend."

By Christine W. Shoffner on July 21, 2017

"I have a 13 year old 5lb poodle Charlie. He kept running into furniture, etc. that was to his left. He has (had) a very cloudy left eye and right eye starting to become more cloudy Cataracts. So bought April 21, 2017. Received on time. Started right away and kept in Fridge. the bottle is tiny and there were many review on other products about $$ being lost because drops come out too fast. Not this one, easy to control drop release. So we used 1 time a day (product instructions say 3, but budget said WHOA!). Results are amazing, Charlie is not running into anything, his Right eye is almost clear and left eye the Cataract has become much smaller. Ok so almost out then could not get product so I tried another that had an olive oil base, this seems to work, but can not keep in fridge because the oil gets cold not liquid, so then have to "warm it" in-between hands. Any way very glad this product is finally back it is worth its weight in "Lanosterol" the active ingredient. This product does not irritate, the eyes I tried it on my self to test irritability and it is gentle."

By A Customer on July 21, 2017

"I have a Boston Terrier that was almost blinded by cataracts that are causing his glaucoma issues. I have ordered 2 bottles from amazon, but now it says currently unavailable. He is getting good results with this product and I'm eager to get a third bottle to further improve his site. Please let me know how to obtain a 3rd and maybe 4th bottle to ensure the best results possible for my beloved dog. Thank you."

By Lisa M. Homan on July 9, 2017

"Research on the Internet says the FDA recommends this for only Dogs. Don't believe everything the FDA says. I have been using this for the past 2 weeks and I have noticed a slight difference. Research says effects are known after 6 weeks. I love this compared to being faced with cataract surgery. It's expensive. I purchased 2 eye drop applicators and found out that that Amazon Eye Drop Applicator by Magic Touch is much better to apply the eye drops without having the expensive eye drops fall down on your cheek. Getting ready to purchase my second bottle of Lanomax!"

By Macy Maris on June 24, 2017

"It is pleasure to meet your eye drope. We tried it, and it was working excelent. Our vet checked my dog eye's and his eyes got better more than 20%. (He is diabetic) So I'd like to buy more but I can't order it for two weeks. Yesterday I see a new formula, is it better?"

By Krisztina on June 14, 2017

"OK so my dog has severe cataracts and was basically blind. I bought the Lanomax about 2 weeks ago and it arrived in about 5 days. So after a full week of 2 drops/3x daily I do see some marginal improvement in the eye. My hope is to see continued improvement over the next week then it will be time for another bottle of Lanomax."

By phxs585 on June 10, 2017

"She has diabetics desease eyes problem began when it was 1 year passed diabetic diagnosis. I'm glad I have hope in your eyes drops lanomax, due her vet don't recommend cirurgy in her case because her diabetic? it's more dangerous about have any complications before the cirurgy. I noticed that sometimes my dog is better about her cataract desease, she can walk without hit on the furniture or walls. I'm applying in one eye due the cost of the medicine, but as soon it get well I will start in the other. Success for you all."

By Luciana Carneiro on May 23, 2017

"Must be a good product but one bottle is not enough to resolve the problem."

By Foca Monaca on May 23, 2017

"My 13 year old poodle eyes are clearer and clearer."

By Page A. Leindecker on May 22, 2017

"I think that Lanomax helps with cataracts but not significantly or very rapidly."

By Robert Friedberg on May 20, 2017

"Your product is great! I bought the first bottle from Amazon. Now, Amazon does not have it. May I buy it from you? Thanks."

By Grazia Walker on May 18, 2017

"We have used about 80% of our first purchase of Lanomax, and the jury is still out. However, we think that there has been a slight improvement... so we are encouraged enough to order a second bottle and continue the regimen. News at eleven."

By Ross A Swanson on May 15, 2017

"My dog is 9 years old. He has had cataracts in both eyes since January this year. I started the Lanomax treatment 4 weeks ago and he's starting to see something. I am very optimistic about using Lanomax. My dog had no bad reaction with the use of eye drops. This week I'll start the second glass. Lanomax is really very good! Sorry for my mistakes because I'm using the translator. thanks."

By A Customer on May 15, 2017

"My mini poodle is 16 yrs old. He was walking into walls. Now on the second bottle of Lanomax, some improvements in the left eye. Know he is now seeing movement, not sure how much and is no longer walking into walls. Will do one more bottle. One bottle last about 3 weeks."

By A Customer on April 29, 2017

"I used your products in my little old dog and we are having very goods results! But I am trying to buy again in order to continue the treatment but there is no more your product to sell at Amazon! Where can i continue to buy this product? Our dog is a part of our family! Thanks in advanced!"

By Carlos Novaes on April 26, 2017

"Post the package insert photo with the product picture: all excipients including pH buffer if any, how many milliosmols/kg. One might do one eye to clearance, then the other eye. Claimed hydroxypropyl-beta-cyclodextran is excreted through the kidneys after it drains from the eye. One might be patient and go easy on kidney loading. That lanosterol is extremely insoluble in water argues against loading it past the cornea into the aqueous faster than it can diffuse into the bag holding the lens behind the pupil. One might apply it just before retiring because aqueous drainage decreases during sleep. That said, Lanomax clears common cataracts. Diabetic cataracts may be less successful. Lanomax is designated for veterinary use only."

By Uncle Al on April 15, 2017

"I bought two bottles of lanomax eye drops to my old, I'd like to tell that it works a lot in her case, but sad that i need to buy other bottle fast and no stock at moment in Amazon. Please can u tell me where i can buy it? I'm from Brazil Rio de janeiro. Hope hear u soon. Thanks a lot for lanomax eye drops, my dog is much better now."

By Luciana on April 11, 2017

"So far so good. My dog can now see shadows and her eyes are clearing a bit. It's too early to tell if it will completely clear the cataracts, but anything is better than what it was. It should be noted that this is not for dogs with eye problems related to diabetes or injury... this is simply for normal age related cataracts."

By JP on April 9, 2017

"Fabulous effect !!!"

By Anne-Catherine Donie on April 6, 2017

"At first I was a bit skeptical however after making it through the first bottle I noticed substantial decrease in the cloudiness of my dogs eyes. He is not running into things like he has before. My dog has diabetes and the cataracts came on quickly after a bout with high sugar. I have ordered another bottle hoping to clear up the rest of the cloudiness."

By sprenger on March 31, 2017

"Very good."

By Calin Poraicu on March 25, 2017

"My beloved labrador is loosing his eyes and his doctor said that this product, work wonders !!!!! I thank you, with all my heart"

By Bernadete Borges on March 24, 2017

"My dog has 1 eye, and the cataract was so bad that she could not see me until I had my hands in her face. I treated with 1 drop 3x day for 6+ weeks. This is 2 bottles of drops. Now she can see me 3 to 5 feet away, and she is NOT running into things as much. If I could afford more drops, I would try another bottle to see if her vision improves more. Do not expect results in the first week or two. The changes are gradual and subtle. As the manufacturer states, the drops do not necessarily work for all cataracts, that the results achieved are not perfect but better, and that more research needs to be had. Tip - eyedrops drain into the tear duct, so gently put a finger over the tear duct for a minute to let the medicine stay in place."

By 172 on March 6, 2017

"My 13 year old dog was blind from cataracts. After 1 week I could see a slight improvement. Three weeks in there was a definite reduction in opacity.. We are at 6 weeks and she is able to see enough to get around on her own."

By Carol Fox on February 23, 2017

"I bought a bottle about 3 weeks ago. After using them only a few days I am positive my dog can see better !!!!!!!!!"

By Marsha Borovich on February 20, 2017

"My 11 yr. old Lab developed cloudiness and early cataract due to diabetes. Surgery is not always the best option for older dogs but wanted to help improve his vision. He has been on the drops for 3 weeks and his eyes appear clearer. The drops are very moisturizing which help decrease the itchy feeling usually associated with cataracts. He is happy, more active and appears to be reacting well to the drops. We will keep using for the full 6 weeks in hopes that his vision is restored! So glad this could be an option and safe for a diabetic dog."

By Deborah Martin on February 14, 2017

"He is 15 years old. One of his eyes got acute glaucoma now so he can't see anything but after i've used the other one for 2 weeks, i feel it's better and better. Not 100% clearly but it seems i can see his pupil. I ordered 2 more with big hope."

By Namwi Ko on February 13, 2017

"Amazing product. I could see some small difference in the density of the cataract after the first week. We are now in week three and there is a significant improvement. Dog can see some now and is becoming active again exploring the house and yard."

By Carol Fox on January 18, 2017

"One of my friend’s dogs had cataracts, which have now shrunk to 1/2 after using one drop of Lanomax per day for 3 months. She wants to order some more to clear the cataracts out. It appears Lanomax is no longer available outside the US. Is that correct?"

By Anonymous on January 5, 2017

"I live in Brazil, my mixed breed dog is nine years old. In May 2016, he had his opaque eyes, and was diagnosed with cataracts. In September 2016 I started to apply lanomax, and in eight weeks one of his eyes was clean, and the other had only a few fragments of the cataract, as if it were gradually dissolving. My dog had no adverse reaction when using the product. And we noticed that after a few weeks of using lanomax, He started to hunt small flying insects. The veterinarian attending my dog was surprised to examine him after using lanomax, since he had been foreseen two paths for him: surgery, with risks due to age, or future blindness. I'm using a translator, please excuse me for any errors in writing."

By d'Angelo on December 11, 2016

"Still in the process of administering the drops on my second bottle PJ seems to be a little better sight wise but not really sure will finish the 3rd bottle then give a result. Giving the drops at least 3 times per day 4 to 6 times on off days of course hoping for the best!!"

By James Christ on November 2, 2016

"After four weeks of curing (3-4 drops per day) we have noticed some visibility improvement. Drops are using on human with very mature cataract on one eye. We have not observer any negative interaction while curing. For sure there are only some small crystallized sediments."

By rtpxff on October 28, 2016

"I live in Brazil, I am using a translator from the Internet, forgive me for any incorrectness in writing. I have applied Lanomax on my dog for six weeks. Today he was examined by the veterinarian, and was observed improvement in cataract, which was divided into several fragments. My dog did not show any adverse reaction to eye drops."

By d'Angelo on October 22, 2016

"I am using Lanomax to see if we can dissolve the cataracts in my dogs eyes. I DON'T really see any improvement yet, but will continue using it. It is better than $5000 surgery at this point. Seems to be the only product that is supposed to help. Shipping an everything else was excellent."

By A Customer on October 10, 2016

"I was so pleased to finally be able to buy eye drops with Lanosterol for our dog having read all about the successful trials. Our Border terrier who has had bad Cataracts for a few years has shown dramatic improvement. The course of just one bottle, as that is all we have been able to purchase, has definitely reduced the cataracts and has had no side effects. We have been trying to purchase another bottle to continue the treatment, and are deeply disappointed to find they have been made unavailable. As soon as they are available again we will be purchasing a bottle."

By A Customer on September 15, 2016

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