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Medical Daily

Cataracts Melt Away Thanks To New Eye Drops Containing Steroid Lanosterol

Researchers are working on an eye drop that can melt away cataracts and prevent them from coming back.


Eye drop gives hope for knifeless cataract cure

An eye drop tested on dogs suggests that cataracts, the most common cause of blindness in humans, could one day be cured without surgery, a study said Wednesday.


Eye drops could dissolve cataracts

New therapy has already proven successful in dogs.

Chemical & Engineering News

Cholesterol-like Molecule Suggested As Possible Cataract Treatment

Study reports that lanosterol could reverse protein aggregation in human eyes, but some experts disagree.

Le Temps

La cataracte soignée par une molécule cousine du cholestérol

La chirurgie ne sera peut-être bientôt plus la seule solution pour soigner cette affection qui rend opaque le cristallin. Une approche thérapeutique inédite recourt à une molécule cousine du cholestérol, le lanostérol, qui est directement injectée dans l’œil

Le Monde

Cataracte : un collyre pourrait-il remplacer la chirurgie ?

Une équipe sino-américaine a testé sur le lapin et le chien une protéine qui a réduit l’opacité engendrée par la dégénérescence du cristallin. Les essais sur l’homme n’ont pas débuté.

Yahoo! News

New Eyedrops Could Shrink Cataracts Without Surgery

"There are many old dogs with cataracts," said study co-author Kang Zhang, an ophthalmologist at the University of California, San Diego in La Jolla. Similar results were seen in experiments with human lens cells and rabbit lenses on lab dishes.

Los Angeles Times

Genetics study points toward eyedrop treatment for cataracts

In coming decades, doctors might be able to treat or prevent cataracts with eyedrops -- all because of an unexpected discovery, revealed during a genetics study, about a molecule that helps make cholesterol in human cells.

FranceTV Info

Bientôt un collyre pour traiter la cataracte ?

Chaque année, près de 600.000 Français se font opérer de la cataracte. Mais il suffira peut-être bientôt d'un simple collyre pour améliorer la vision des malades… Selon une équipe de chercheurs, des gouttes contenant une petite molécule que l'on retrouve dans des yeux sains, se sont révélées capables de réduire visiblement les signes de la maladie chez des chiens.


Lanosterol reverses protein aggregation in cataracts

The human lens is comprised largely of crystallin proteins assembled into a highly ordered interactive macrostructure essential for lens transparency and refractive index. Any disruption of intra or interprotein interactions will alter this delicate struct...

Latinos Health

Cataracts Non Surgery Treatment: Eye Drops May Treat Blurred Vision, Study Finds

Cataract surgery may be a thing of the past as scientists are developing noninvasive eye drops that could clear up the "cloudiness" in the eyes brought about by the condition.

Tech Times

Experimental Eye Drops Could Soon Be Used To Treat Cataracts

A new study conducted by University of California, San Diego researchers has found that eye drops with the organic compound known as lanosterol can help improve the sight of people with cataracts by dissolving the protein buildup in their eyes.


Podcast: Eye drops for cataracts, RNA architecture and high-starch, low-methane rice

Nature ’s weekly audio round-up.


Katarakt: Neue Hoffnung im Kampf gegen den Grauen Star?

Im Kampf gegen den Grauen Star mussten Ärzte bislang zum Skalpell oder Laser greifen. Nun verspricht ein auf Steroiden basierendes Mittel eine schonendere Lösung.


Cataracte: Un collyre pour remplacer la chirurgie ?

ETUDE - Alors que le vieillissement de la population mondiale devrait, selon les chercheurs, « nécessiter un doublement du recours à la chirurgie »...

Baltimore Sun

Genetics study points toward eyedrop treatment for cataracts

In coming decades, doctors might be able to treat or prevent cataracts with eyedrops -- all because of an unexpected discovery, revealed during a genetics study, about a molecule that helps make cholesterol in human cells.

PBS NewsHour

Could these new eye drops uncloud cataracts?

Buoyed by this result, the team tested whether eye drops of lanosterol could clear up age-related cataracts in dogs over the course of six weeks. A trained examiner then looked at before and after pictures of the eyes, and scored them based on a veterinary scale for canine cataracts.

Pharmazeutische Zeitung

Mit Augentropfen gegen grauen Star

Eine neue Therapie gegen grauen Star (Katarakt) hat ein chinesisch-US-amerikanisches Forscherteam entwickelt: Lanosterol-haltige Augentropfen verbessern die Transparenz der Linsen in Versuchen mit Hunden, heißt es in einer «Nature»-Publikation. Dies...

Sciences et Avenir

Cataracte : des gouttes pour remplacer la chirurgie ?

Des collyres contenant une substance naturellement présente dans l'œil réduiraient la sévérité de la cataracte in vivo sur des chiens et des lapins.

Medical News Today

Cataracts may be treatable with eye drops instead of surgery

Researchers have successfully treated cataracts in dogs using eye drops that contain a natural steroid that dissolves the protein clumps that cause the lens to go misty.


Genetics study may lead to eye drops for cataracts

Stephen Feller SAN DIEGO, July 24 (UPI) -- Lanosterol, a molecule that makes cholesterol in cells, may be the key to stopping and reversing the accumulation of proteins in the eye that causes cataracts.

International Business Times

Researchers Develop Eye Drops That 'Dissolve' Cataracts

Invasive surgery may no longer be required for cataract patients who wish to see clearly again. A team of researchers at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) has identified a steroid-based organic compound that can melt away the cataract in the eye.

Science and Life Russia

Глазные капли от катаракты

Стероидный препарат эффективно очищает хрусталик от белковых отложений, образующихся при катаракте.


Un nuovo farmaco contro la cataratta?

L’identificazione di una mutazione genetica in grado di alterare la produzione di lanosterolo, la molecola che naturalmente dissolve la cataratta, potrebbe portare allo sviluppo di un nuovo farmaco

RT Network

Scientists create eye drop that dissolves cataracts with naturally occurring chemical

Getting rid of cataracts normally means surgery to remove them. But researchers have discovered that a naturally occurring chemical in the human body may dissolve the blinding cloudiness when used as an eye drop. Read Full Article at

6 Minutes

Eye drop that dissolves cataracts

A lanosterol-based formula delivered directly into the eye via an eyedropper has the potential to change the treatment of cataracts.

CBS News

Eye drops hold promise for reversing cataracts

Researchers say experimental treatment worked in dogs; could it help people with leading cause of vision loss?

Business Insider

Scientists are trying to cure the most common cause of blindness -- with eye drops

Cataracts are responsible for about 51% of blindness cases worldwide, making them the most common cause of blindness according to data from the World Health Organisation.

2 Minute Medicine

2 Minute Medicine Rewind

Lansosterol treatment significantly decreased preformed protein aggregates in both in vitro and in cell-transfection experiments. Using dissected rabbit cataractous lenses in vitro and in vivo in dogs, the authors showed that lanosterol treatment reduced cataract severity and increased transparency.


백내장, 수술 없이 점안액으로 치료 가능

눈의 수정체가 혼탁을 일으키면서 시야가 흐려지는 안질환인 백내장을 수술 아닌 특수 성분이 함유된 점안액으로 치료할 수 있다는 연구결과가 나왔다. 자연적으로 백내장이 나타난 개 7마리에 라노스테롤 점안액을 6주간 투여한 결과 3마리는 백내장이 완전히 사라지고 나머지 4마리도 수정체 혼탁이 줄어들어 시력이 개선됐다고 밝혔다.


백내장 꼭 수술할 필요 없다

수술이 유일한 치료법으로 알려진 백내장. 하지만 라노스테롤(lanosterol)이 함유된 점안액만으로도 치료할 수 있다는 연구결과가 나왔다.


전세계 실명 원인 1위 백내장, 치료 가능 안약 개발돼

백내장 환자들에게 희소식이다. 백내장을 수술 아닌 안약으로 치료할 수 있다는 연구결과가 나왔다. 미국 샌디에이고 캘리포니아 대학 안(眼)연구소 안과 전문의 장캉(Kang Zhang) 박사는 "라노스테롤(lanosterol)이라는 스테로이드 주요 분자가 백내장 유발 요소인 단백질을 파괴할 수 있다"고 말했다.


백내장, 수술 없이 점안액으로 치료 가능

미국 샌디에이고 캘리포니아 대학 안연구소 안과유전학연구실장 장캉(Kang Zhang) 박사는 라노스테롤(lanosterol)이라는 유기화합물이 백내장을 유발하는 단백질 응괴를 녹여 수정체 혼탁을 소멸시킬 수 있다는 연구결과를 발표했다.

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