Lanomax® Lanosterol Eye Drops Can Dissolve Cataracts With No Need For Surgery


The researchers could tell just by looking at the dogs' eyes that the cataracts had decreased. "This is a really comprehensive and compelling paper - the strongest I've seen of its kind in a decade," says Jonathan King, a molecular biologist at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge.

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Los Angeles Times

Genetics study points toward eyedrop treatment for cataracts

In coming decades, doctors might be able to treat or prevent cataracts with eyedrops -- all because of an unexpected discovery, revealed during a genetics study, about a molecule that helps make cholesterol in human cells.

CBS News

Eye drops hold promise for reversing cataracts

Researchers say experimental treatment worked in dogs; could it help people with leading cause of vision loss?


Eye drops could dissolve cataracts

New therapy has already proven successful in dogs.

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